What does a Scrum Master Do?

The Scrum Master is accountable for managing a Scrum team, ensuring all team members follow the agile practices. There is always a Scrum master behind every scrum team and helps the team to achieve the best work possible. A Scrum master acts as a glue that unites the team together and assists it in sprint reviews as well as sprint planning sessions. He/she makes sure that there are proper coordination and effective communication among the team, business, product owner, and individuals.


Helps Teams to Work Together


Ensures Effective Use of Time and Money


Helps to Manage Complex Product Development

How Scrum is Right for my Business?

Scrum Certification Courses

Scrum Master Certification


Duration : 2 Days

Exam Included : Yes

Scrum Product Owner


Duration : 2 Days

Exam Included : Yes

Scrum Developer


Duration : 2 Days

Exam Included : Yes

Managing Agile Projects with Scrum


Duration : 1 Day

Exam Included : Yes

Preferable Delivery Methods

classroom 01

Classroom Training

led 02

Online Instructor-Led

paced 03

Online Self-Paced

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Onsite Training

About Our Classroom Training

Our Classroom Training method allows you to participate in a highly effective learning environment created by our expert trainers. During Classroom Training, you can interact with the trainer and ask questions. We run our Scrum certification courses in 30 countries and 390+ locations.

  • Interact with trainer
  • Ask question directly
  • Great value for money

About Our Instructor-Led Training

This training method allows you to get the same experience as Classroom training without travelling anywhere. You can share documents, interact with whiteboards, ask live questions and communicate, as this training method is fully interactive.

  • Live classes
  • No travel or accommodation costs
  • Fully interactive

About Our Online Self-Paced Training

This method allows you to do self-study. The Online Self-Paced method will provide you with Immediate Access 90 days access to the E-Learning portal, which is accessible 24/7 so you can complete the training at your own convenient time.

  • Tutor support 24/7
  • Personal performance reports
  • Compatible on all devices

About Our Onsite Training

This training method delivers training at your doorstep. Widely popular among organisations as it allows employers to train multiple employees at once. It also reduces travelling cost. We can also tailor courses according to your business needs.

  • Tailored learning experience
  • Maximise your training budget
  • Team building opportunity

Why We are 1st Choice of Corporates

Company Client Satisfaction Rate


Exam Pass Rate


Successfully Delivered Projects Rate After Training


Course Material Satisfaction Rate


Why Scrum is Worth Learning?

Scrum has been widely adopted by corporates and Professionals worldwide. Scrum is worth learning because it:


Increases Revenue


Improves Team Management and Collaboration


Increases Product Quality


Provides Better User Satisfaction


Increases Transparency

Why Should Any Individual Choose Scrum Master Certification?


About Us

Scrum Official is the #1 choice of corporates, government agencies, public sectors, multinational organisations and private individuals for Scrum certification courses. Our Scrum certification courses provide individuals with immense value as our highly experienced Scrum Master professional trainers make the complicated topics easy to understand. We've curated some of the best Scrum certification courses to help individuals expand their knowledge and build their skills to advance their career in this high-demand field. Roll up your sleeves and start learning today.



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Propel your Career with Us

Scrum official is one of the world’s largest organisation for providing training courses. We offer our Scrum certification courses with various delivery methods to fulfil your requirements. Our expert trainers hold years of experience in applying Scrum Framework. Our all Scrum certification courses are specially designed by experts so you can easily understand and gain in-depth knowledge of Scrum. Here are some of the reasons for choosing us:


Best Price

Please don't spend your precious time or money on other websites, as we have the ability to fulfil your all requirements at an affordable price.


Excellent Material

Our course material is of a high standard, and anyone can easily understand without facing any difficulty.


Expert Trainers

We have the best professionals for teaching Scrum certification courses with easy techniques of teaching.

Expert in Delivering Scrum Certification Courses

Everyone learns differently at their own speed, but our professional trainers are there to make you learn better and are specialist in increasing the value and results of any Scrum certification training. They use proven/easy learning methods, which allow all delegates to understand everything easily. Our Scrum expert team have more than 20+ years of experience in teaching Scrum certification courses. They are good communicators and speakers with deep knowledge of Scrum, and they are friendly in nature so that anyone can ask questions without hesitation.

Some Words Worth Shouting About

We proudly say that we provide excellent services to our clients by providing them with the best and in-demand skills to update them with recent trends. We are privileged to have a very good relationship with them. Read what our clients have to say about our courses and the service provided by us.

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What is Scrum?

Scrum is a commonly used framework, which allows individuals to find and solve problems to deliver the highest value product.

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Is Scrum Master a good career?

The role of Scrum Master is becoming more important and popular. Scrum Master is one of the most promising jobs, and it is in great demand. So scrum master is an excellent career choice for anyone.

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What are the pillars of Scrum, and why they are important?

For the implementation of empirical process control, Scrum's three pillars play an essential role. The three pillars of Scrum are transparency, inspection and adaptation.

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What is the difference between Scrum and Agile methodology?

Scrum is the framework using which teams can work cooperatively, and Agile is a project management philosophy that works on a core set of principles. Agile is a methodology for software development, whereas Scrum is a practising Agile element as an umbrella term.

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What are the benefits of doing Scrum Master Certification?

There are many benefits of doing scrum master certification, such as it allows you to upgrade your mindset, work better with your peers, get a badge of honour, and you'll stay relevant and marketable, etc.

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What can I do after completing this Scrum Certification training course?

After completing this course, you will be able to implement various principle and terminologies of Scrum in your project. You will able to apply requirement techniques that are used in the development of software. Moreover, you will get complete information on its basic and advanced concepts of Scrum, which will allow you to get desired job opportunities.